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Encountering Warning Messages during WeavePoint Installation

You may encounter several messages from Windows and possibly your anti-virus software while trying to install WeavePoint on your computer. You should pay attention to these messages and make sure you understand what they mean. While it is extremely rare and we have not yet encountered a virus hidden in any of our software programs, the tiny possibility does exist.

Here are some of the normal messages and their meanings that you might see during installation:

"The file you are downloading seems to be very new or very rare." Your anti-virus software may suggest aborting your connection because it is not familiar with WeavePoint. This is normal, as WeavePoint is a small, niche software that many of the anti-virus programs are not familiar with.

"The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?" This message is from Microsoft Windows who would like all software to be "verified and signed" by Microsoft at a cost which is not normally paid for and used by smaller software publishers.

"An unindentified program wants to access your computer." This is another message from Microsoft Windows intended to let you know any time a program that does not have a Microsoft Certificate is making changes to your computer. This message is generated by a Windows setting in your computer forĀ User Account Control (UAC).