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WeavePoint (without loom driver)


Special version of WeavePoint that comes without loom drivers to save you money.


WeavePoint is the easiest and fastest way to integrate a computer into your weaving. It combines an unprecedented ease-of-use, derived from the Windows environment, with revolutionary and stunning graphics. With WeavePoint, you can quickly produce patterns and colorways for all the main loom systems, from tie-up and table looms to dobby and industrial shaft looms; it is also a very efficient tool for trying out new ideas and techniques in a systematic way. WeavePoint is made to fill the requirements of the experienced designer. it can be very useful in learning and teaching. The Design mode can even be used for knitting and other repetitive grid patterns, or to design patterns for a drawloom.

To see a Demo of the software Click Here. Click here to view WeavePoint's version history and to see what's new in version 8.


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WeavePoint (without loom driver)