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ArahWeave Super PE


ArahWeave Super PE (Super Personal Edition) is a Linux-based weaving design package that is used by many professional textile designers around the world. The team at Arahne developed special versions (PE and Super PE) that are sized just right for AVL customers.When 2048 isnt big enough, ArahWeave Super PE provides up to 4096 ends x 4096 picks, no industrial CAM interfaces, no output of technical calculations in HTML or XML, Jacquard export only in common graphical formats (tif, png, gif) and AVLs JP1 format. Intended for owners of electronic jacquard handlooms, and design studios without the need for driving the production machinery. Also includes a library of 32,000 weaves.

Visit ArahWeave's website for videostutorials and software demo downloads.

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ArahWeave Super PE