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WeavePoint Version Available

Jan 25, 2012

WeavePoint includes some minor improvements to the loom control window, including:

1) In the Go To dialog you can now also set a new range to weave. May be useful for the weaver who puts some different patterns in the liftplan and wants to change between them along the way without exiting from loom control. This dialog has also a new option: Reset Total woven counter.

2) In Weave/Options, a new option: Save/Resume Total woven count. Normally the count is reset for each weaving session, but now one can choose to save the count for the next session when using Save and Resume.

3)  If using the now common wide screen HD monitor type, the loom control screen will show more ends in the drawdown (and the fabric part to the left more narrow) than before.

4) With Tabby, an icon now shows clearly (like with Reverse).

WeavePoint is a free upgrade for those already owning a version 7 license.  Contact Us for your free upgrade. To purchase please visit our catalog.

Category: Software Updates