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AVL Looms eShuttle


Mar 06, 2013

WeavePoint has released version The update includes a new way to rearrange shafts and treadles. You can now drag and drop shafts and treadles with the mouse/hand cursor. This feature is available under Move Shafts/Treadles option under the Utilities menu.

If you have version 7 already, the update is free and you can download it from WeavePoint's website. If you do not already have the link and login information to access the page, please contact us. If you have version 6.4 or earlier, you will need to purchase an upgrade for each major version. You can do so on our website here.

04/22/2013 ETA: There has been some confusion with how to get the WeavePoint upgrade. To clarify the post above, you will need to contact us to receive the link and the password to access the link to the webpage where you can download it. This is the same link that you would have received in an email if you have ever opted to download the software or have received the download email before. If you are unsure or do not have the link, you need to contact us through our website or via email so that we can email you the link and instructions for how to access it.

Category: Software Updates