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Little Weaver

The Little Weaver is our computerized table top loom, perfect for travelling, beginning computerized weaving or small sampling.

The Little Weaver is small in footprint and big on possibilities!

**The Little Weaver is temporarily unavailable due to a supply chain issue (the vendor for the Little Weaver processors has stopped shipping).  Sales of the Little Weaver will be on hold until this is resolved. If you'd like to be placed on a waiting list or receive a notification when they are shipping again, please contact us and we'd be happy to help**


Workshop Dobby Loom

The Workshop Dobby Loom (WDL) is our stand-up travelling loom. The WDL has a Compu-Dobby®, sectional beam, a 16 or 24 inch (0.4 and 0.6m) weaving width and is available with up to 24 harnesses.


Studio Dobby Loom

The Studio Dobby Loom (SDL) is a sturdy and compact computerized loom, perfect for the classroom. Available in 20 or 30 inch (0.5 or 0.75m) weaving width and 16 or 24 harnesses.


Home Loom

The Home Loom is an uncomplicated and inexpensive loom for those who prefer weaving without a dobby. Our side tie-up system is very straightforward when compared to Countermarch looms, and is a must-have for those who don’t want to crawl under their looms.

The Home Loom is available with up to 8 harnesses and a 40 or 48 inch (1 and 1.2m) weaving width.



The V-Series is for those looking to push their pattern designing skills to the max. In addition to 40 harnesses, the V-Series has a Compu-Dobby®, E-Lift (electronic harness lift) and 30 or 40 inch weaving (0.75m or 1m) width.



The A-Series Loom provides the ultimate definitive complex-pattern handweaving experience. Utilizing computer-aided design, the A-Series with Compu-Dobby® is available with up to 40 harnesses, 30 to 72 inch (0.75 to 1.8m) weaving width, flying shuttle, multiple warp beams, rotary temples and auto advancing warp and cloth storage.



The Jacq3G Jacquard Loom is state of the art in pictorial handweaving. With 30 to 72 inch (0.75 to 1.8m) weaving width and up to 5,760 threads to control, your designs are limited only by your imagination!


Industrial Dobby Loom 

The Industrial Dobby Loom (IDL) is an fully automated production loom that mimics the look of handweaving.  Available in 24, 40, 60 and 72 inch (0.6, 1, 1.5 and 1.8m), multiple warp beams and up to seven colors in the weft.



Professional Dobby Rug Loom 

The Production Professional Dobby Rug Loom is our rugged and sturdy rug loom. Unrivaled, this loom, the only rug loom in the world with a dobby,  comes equipped with either mechanical dobby or Compu-Dobby®, 4 to 20 foot  (1.2 to 6m) weaving width, and up to 16 harnesses.


Custom Looms

We also build custom looms!

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