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1/2-Yard Sectional Warp Beam 72 Inch


Enjoy the ease and efficiency of Sectional warping whether on a short or long warp. With today's tools even the support equipment needed in warping is often less space consuming than used on plain warping. The 1/2-yard sectional beam with dynamic warp tension system has been offered by AVL for many years on many of our looms, including the A-Series, Production, Technical, Folding, and Modular. The 1/2-yard sectional warp beam can be used in the upper or lower position. On an A-Series equipped with a 3-Beam setup, the 1/2-yard is used in all three locations. This beam is designed with movable hoops used to define the sections. Minimum spacing on the hoops is 1 in. Enough hoops are provided to set up the beam for 2 in sections at full width. Includes beam, hoops, beam handle, roller and tension system. Works with tension arm, slipping brake and locking brake tension systems.

This item is for a 1/2 yard sectional warp beam system for a 72 inch weaving width loom.

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1/2-Yard Sectional Warp Beam 72 Inch