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Traveling Teacher Program

Traveling Teacher Program

Let AVL's fabulous teachers come to you. Sandy Fisher, Jannie Taylor and Sue Luna are all available with their own special areas of expertise.

Choose from any of AVL's course subjects and we'll tailor it to your group's interest. Plus we'll teach the course in your home, studio, school, guild meeting, or retreat.

We can customize the class length: options range from an evening lecture to a week long workshop. As of July 1, 2011, the traveling teacher rate is $575 plus travel, room and board.

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Courses Available

Basically AVL

This expanded workshop is designed for new AVL weavers or for weavers who want to better learn the mechanical and electronic systems on their looms.

Recommend 2 class days.

Maximizing your AVL

The course will guide you through the design rationale for each system on the AVL loom and will provide special training in its use and maintenance. Emphasis will be given to warping technique, flyshuttle weaving, and use of the Compu-Dobby®. You will also receive instruction in designing for dobby and in online e-weaving. This is an excellent opportunity to evaluate AVL products and software packages (WeavePoint and WeaveMaker) and to be exposed to equipment you may not have even known exists. Let us help you to better understand the AVL loom.

Recommend 4 class days.

Beginning Rug Weaving on AVL Dobby Rug Looms

Learn the basics of rug weaving. This course explores block design, ray weaves, and warp face and weft face patterns. Tips to improve the appearance of a rug such as warp tension, placement of weft in the shed, double beating, and selvage control will be provided.

Recommend 3 class days.

Beginning Weaving on AVL Looms

An introductory class that covers the fundamentals of weaving. Learn material selection, yarn preparation, loom set-up, operation of AVL looms, patterning, weaving, and finishing. Each student will weave a sampler that includes 50 twill weave variations, showing the many possibilities in a simple woven structure

Recommend 3 class days.

Production Weaving: How to Make Money Using My AVL Loom

This course approaches weaving from a volume need. Techniques such as how to figure yarn amounts, types of yarn, sectional warping, how to create tension, and use single- to four-box flyshuttles.

Recommend 3 class days.

Weaving a Color Wheel

Students must have basic loom experience. This course gives students confidence with color use in a woven structure. Students will be able to analyze colors as they are blended in weaving. Following the order of the color wheel, two samplers will be woven. The first will be in tabby weave and the second will be a twill weave pattern.

Recommend 3 class days.

Weaving an American Coverlet: Computer Design to Sampler

In this class, drafting and design elements are strongly emphasized. Students will create their own overshot design on AVL's WeaveMaker or WeavePoint and weave a sampler, beginning with a simple four harness design and expanding into a multi-harness weave.

Recommend 4 class days.

Jacquard Weaving

Jacquard weaving by one of the top Jacquard artists. For more information, see Jacquard Design under Course Descriptions.

Recommend 3 class days.

Basically Structure

This class is designed for the multi-shaft weaver who wants to enhance their understanding of weave structure through hands-on experience.

Recommend 3 class days.

Basically WeavePoint

This class will prepare you to become a master at WeavePoint design.

Recommend 3 class days.