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We've compiled a list of our favorite websites and links for weavers. Please let us know if you have a special website that you think we'd like to add.

Weaver's Resources

Beginner's Guide: This webpage was suggested to us by a young lady, Sofie, who is in an elementary school youth program. The youth program will be having a crafts week and is looking into weaving as one of its activities for that week. Sofie found this resource during computer time and thought it would be great for us to share this link on our website and we think you'll agree.

Craft Site Directory:Weaving: Your guide to weaving resources on the Internet.

Designer Software Inc.: Home page for WeaveMaker Mi software.

Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.: The Handweaver's Guild of America is probably the most influential handweaving association in the world. Among other things, they are responsible for putting on the bi-annual Convergences and publishingShuttle, Spindle, & Dyepot. In the words of one long-time AVL owner, is what the Internet should be all about, like free-sharing and wide distribution of knowledge, and in this case, weave patterns. At last count, there were close to 9,000 weaves on the site. And they're all free! It's an easy site to learn and use, and it's utterly accessible. What are you waiting for?

Laura Fry Video Tutorials on YouTube

Mini-Mills Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of a "cottage industry" size mill that is intended to produce a wide range of top quality spun products in small quantities. The modularity of the available mill configurations allows typical production to be from a few pounds of spun yarn per day up to almost any required amount. Mini Mills are particularly well suited for the weaving of lama, qiviut, and other exotic fibers.

On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics: This is one of the most valuable sites on the Web. Professor Ralph Griswold, of the University of Arizona, has scanned in over 2,300 articles and over 275 books all on weaving and textiles! If you're interested in learning about jacquard, dobby, or even lacer, then don't miss this site!

Selvedge Magazine: A textile publication based on "a cerebral and sensual addiction to textiles in all forms. Readers share a belief in the importance of their material surroundings and a passion for the beautiful and beautifully made". Directed towards an international, discerning audience, Selvedge covers fine textiles in every context: fine art, interiors, fashion, travel and shopping.

Spinning - All About Spinning and Weaveing Wool: Helpful resource that covers the basics of Spinning and was brought to us by Aubrey, a young fiber arts enthusiast. Thanks for the great link Aubrey! The Spinning and Weaving Association.

Talking Threads TV Series: Educational programming on weaving, spinning, knitting and fiber arts.

The Art of Weaving Textiles for Clothing: This link was recommended to us by Alisa, a college student who found the links listed here helpful and thought this one would be a good addition. The website is a T-Shirt retailer, but has a page full of useful links for weaving on their website.

WeaveMaker: User manual and website for WeaveMaker software.

WeavePoint: Home page for Bjorn Myhre, author of WeavePoint.

Weaving Creations is an interesting site where one can find reasonably-priced handwoven items of a quite original design. We like this site a lot because it clearly is meant to appeal to the mainstream shopper. Of particular note is the wonderfully concise explanation of the weaving process for the layperson.

Weaving Today: Weaving Today is a website from Interweave press with great weaving resources. This particular link takes you to a page where you can sign up and then receive a free e-booklet with easy, beginner weaving projects.

Weaving with Jette Video Tutorials on YouTube

AVL Customer Websites

Ann Collins uses vibrant colors and interesting weaves such as pockets and bubbles in her scarves/wraps. Ann also incorporates felting and dyeing techniques to give that extra little touch.

Ann Sutton is a very influential weaver who has made significant contributions to the design of our Studio Dobby Loom as well as to the weaving community as a whole.

Barb MacIntyre started the Kitsap Weaving school in Poulsbo, Washington after having such success in volunteer-teaching a weaving program at a local assisted living facility. She offers classes that range from an introduction to weaving to more advanced classes on 4 and 8 shaft looms.

Barefoot Handweaving is a team of weavers and seamstresses who have made a commitment to sustainabilty and caring business practices. Make sure to check out their building made of straw and their many wonderful woven pieces from treasure bags to hats to towels and more!

Bodmer Blankets The Bodmers are fantastic designers and weavers who have done wonders on their AVL Rug Loom and Production Dobby Loom. Their impeccable attention to detail shows up even in their bindings.

Bonnie Inouye, author of Exploring Multishaft Design, has many more book pictures posted and a list of guild programs and workshops on her website. Of course, you can also find a gallery of her complex weavings as well as some of her students’ work.

Cathy Bolding Ever wonder what it's like to weave your dreams? Check out Cathy Bolding's web site for a glimpse into how one weaver uses her AVL Jacquard Loom to fabricate stunning art pieces and more.

Dolly Hein, Rugs by Dolly J, Fidalgo Island Fiber Art, weaves beautiful earth-inspired rugs, pillows and wall pieces. This is Fidalgo Island Fiber Art's facebook page.

Genopalette located in the bluffs and bottomland of the Missouri River is home to a flock of naturally colored sheep. That's what Genopalette means: a palette of sheep-created colors. Check out their beautiful web site to see what they weave on their AVL loom.

Gregory Newham, Fitch Studio Weavers, restored a fascinating old church building to use as his studio where he weaves just as fascinating pieces. Gregory weaves rugs as well as finer fabrics and uses all natural fibers.

Hechizoo This Colombian company has one of the most unusual and unique handwoven lines in the world. Their niche is combining metals, like copper and tin, with indigenous fibers like fique and cumare. Beware of imitations ... Hechizoo is one-of-a-kind.

Historic Weaving Elizabeth Tritthart has put together a fabulous site dedicated to preserving the history of weaving for generations to come. She has many resources including instructions and techniques as well as sample drafts and historical information on weaving.

Janice Jones Handweaving and designing textiles for clothing and the home has been the passion of Janice Jones since 1970. Now, in a studio overlooking hayfields and woodlands in central Maine, she designs weaves on an AVL loom and finishes scarves, shawls, clothing, and accessories for the home.

Jhane Barnes Home Page Jhane is one of AVL colorware's best and most experienced users. Her company's web site is a real treat.

Joanna Louca Joanna Louca, of Cyprus, makes wonderful handbags on her AVL looms. Her newly redesigned Web Site is a marvel to behold and a great example of how a weaver can market his or her wares.

Kelly Marshall Wow! What a site! Great rugs. Wonderful displays. Minnesota's finest.

Laura Shirreff is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and has a fantastic portfolio of jacquard weavings. As of this writing, she is working as a Textile Artist and Designer for ICICLE in Shanghai, China. Her website is as beautiful as her weavings, with design help from a fellow RISD student, Melinda Rainsberger.

Laura Thomas Laura works from a studio in the heart of Cardiff, the capital city of Wales in the UK. Her work is inspired in large part by her home county of Pembrokeshire on the picturesque West Wales coast. Laura produces all of her hand-woven fabrics on a 24 shaft AVL Compu-Dobby loom, which has a maximum weaving width of 1 metre.

Lauren Crawford Ms. Crawford is an exciting new designer of distinctive hand woven textiles.

Linda Clark specializes in velvety soft scarves, triangular shawls, wraps and jackets. Linda uses bands of dramatic colors to give her pieces depth and interest. This is her Etsy page.

Lois Bryant's work appears in the permanent collections of the National Museum of Design/ Cooper-Hewitt Museum/Smithsonian Institution, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Liz Claiborne stores, United Airlines, and other corporate and residential collections.

Lucille Crighton Lucille Crighton creates intricately woven, one-of-a-kind, handwoven jackets, vests and scarves for a private clientele, select craft shows and galleries.

Maison Bouvrier is an outstanding example of a company that creates the highest quality products for the best possible purposes. Visit this web site to see how this 130-year-old company maintains an impeccable level of quality for the liturgical garments they create ... on AVL looms.

Muffy Young does wonderful work with patterns and colors to create vivid, dramatic pieces. One of her scarves was recently choosen for the cover of the American Craft Council's magazine.

Nancy C Lea has a fun and entertaining blog full of knitting, weaving, "pupdates" and miscellaneous tips and tricks for your craft life.

Nordt Family Farm is located in Charles City County, Virginia, where they raise Merino Sheep and Dianne Nordt weaves beautiful wool blankets. In addition to her Etsy shop, she keeps photos on her Facebook page.

O'Hara Weaving Sheila O'Hara is one of the most inventive, creative, and fun weavers ever to throw a shuttle on an AVL loom. Check out her pages to see just what you can accomplish with 16 harnesses and a Compu-Dobby®.

Patrice George Designs Looking for dobby or jacquard designs, then don't miss this site. Patrice George may be the finest independent designer in the USA. Her looms and software? AVL, of course!

Preeti Gilani A fabulous new site from London that shows how someone can make a real statement with an AVL loom. A must-see for all handweavers and people who love handweaving.

Sandra Rude Sandra is an experienced weaver of complex designs and interesting cloth.

Sandy Fisher Handwoven Check out this site. It's a wonderful example of how an individual craftsperson can make great use of the Web. The weaving is great, the photos even better and best of all, she's from Chico (like us!).

Sara Goodman Sara Goodman is a textile artist with a studio and school in New Hampshire. Her work has an international flair with impact created by her own hand dyed fiber, and of course woven on her AVL 24 harness A-Series.

Sarah Saulson employs different techniques for her shawls and scarves including painted warp and dyeing techniques. Recently, she is focusing on making individualized Jewish prayer shawls (talitot).

Savannah College of Art and Design Fiber Department SCAD teaches with a 1728 hook AVL Compu-Jacq and a Studio Dobby Loom along with their already imposing collection, plus their Web Site is very cool. Make sure to click on View Students' Work slideshow gallery.

Swan's Island Blanket Company Click here to learn about one of the great inspirational weaving stories of our time. It's a great tale of two Boston lawyers who dropped everything and became: weavers. Weavers who, of course, use AVL looms. And, oh yes, they make blankets to die for.

Tari Kerss has a beautiful website that showcases her unique weaving which she mixes with other art mediums like sculpture and light.

Textillery The Textillery is America's leading producer of hand-woven throws, pillows, and decorative accessories and they are ALL produced on AVL looms! Make sure to see the page about their weaving process.

Voices of Industry makes hand woven apparel and textiles from 100% domestic fiber farmed and spun in the US. All of their work is woven on mechanical looms in their studio in San Francisco, CA.