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AVL Looms | Demonstrator Program

AVL's Demonstrator Program

Did you know that you can earn cash or credit by demonstrating your AVL equipment?

Yes! You can earn cash or store credit any time you demonstrate one of our products and a sale results from your demonstration. We offer a cash payment or store credit (which is calculated at a higher rate) that depends on which piece of equipment was purchased by the interested customer. We offer the demonstrator program for our looms and for our Warping Wheel.

If you'd like us to add you to our list of demonstrators, just fill out the form below! Then when we have someone in your area who would like to see a demonstration of that equipment, we'll be in touch. Simple as that!

You can also demonstrate your equipment on your own and then send us the name and contact information of the person you demonstrated for and we'll make sure you get credit for the sale. Please let us know whether the person would like to be contacted by us.

To view the credit or cash rates by equipment type, click here.

Demonstrator Sign Up

Please be as detailed as possible and let us know about any AVL accessories you might have. You can find your loom serial number on a small metal plaque attached to the front cross beam.


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