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Lubrication and Cleaning

There are several mechanisms on your loom which will benefit from the occasional light application of an appropriate lubricant. Not all lubricants are suitable in the weaving environment. Machine oils and greases, for example, may provide plenty of slick, but they also capture yarn dust and will, over time, actually impede the action of your loom.

Loom Parts Lubrication and Cleaning
Shuttles, Shuttle Race, Single-Box Flyshuttle Picker Grooves Paste Wax

Slide Rods (double-box pickers, bobbin winder)

Steel Wool

Axles (pulleys, spring levers, overhead beater)

Silicone Spray

Warp Beam Metal Rods (where metal works against the wood frame) Paraffin
Warp Beam Brake Drum Sandpaper