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Aug 21, 2012

Check out these videos to see AVL’s looms in action…


A Series with 24 Harnesses and Double Box Flyshuttle Beater:  

video 1

video 2

As seen at Convergence 2012, the AVL A-Series is the workhorse of the AVL line. A great loom for a wide variety of weaving from art to production; this loom is equipped with sectional warp beam, a double box flyshuttle beater, automatic cloth advance and, of course, a 24 harness Compu-Dobby 4.


Sneak Peek - Little Weaver 8 Harness Loom:

Introducing the AVL Little Weaver, a revolutionary new table loom from AVL. Completely computer controlled; the shafts - 8,16 or 24 - move with each pass of the beater. The loom uses a system that raises and lowers all the harnesses with each pick in a counter-marche like system; thus yielding a wonderful shed.


Workshop Dobby Loom with 24 Harnesses:

As seen at Convergence 2012, the Workshop Dobby Loom (WDL) is a portable dobby loom. This one has 24 harnesses and is controlled by a laptop. The WDL seen here has a sectional warp beam.


V Series with 40 Harnesses and E-Lift:

As seen at Convergence 2012 in Long Beach, the AVL 40 shaft V series is a computer controlled loom with an electronic lifting system.


Jacq3G Jacquard Looms with 600 hooks:

Deland Liao,of Founder Tek in Taipei, Taiwan weaving on an AVL jacquard loom. Ms. Liao's company represents AVL in Taiwan. Here she is weaving at Convergence 2012.


Meet Kelly Marshall @ Convergence:

Kelly’s profile from local television


Meet Gaylene Garlitz @ Convergence: