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Warping Wheel


The AVL Warping Wheel is a wonder tool. It provides the ability to warp sections without a tension box, spool rack or cone rack -- all from a single cone! Sectional warping has never been so fast and efficient. It will allow you to warp directly from different size cones (the ones that have been sitting in your studio for a while now!) or from just about any other form your warp threads are in. The Wheel adjusts from a circumference of two to three yards, allowing you to put on warps of up to 25 yards. Made from beautiful ash hardwood and birch plywood for durability. Includes high capacity spools and revolution counter.

To see videos on assembling and using a warping wheel click here. To learn about the warping wheel cross maker, click here. To learn about the Warping Wheel Monograph authored by Jannie Taylor and Peggy Osterkamp, click here.

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Warping Wheel