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WeaveMaker Mi Student Copy for One Semester


This item is for a student copy of WeaveMaker Mi that will be good for one semester, and then expire.

WeaveMaker Mi is a full featured, weaving design and loom control program compatible with Mac OS 10.6.8 and newer.  It includes a full set of design tools for both dobby and treadle looms. Automatic repeats; custom repeats; exploded 3-D views of the weave; float histograms; and an automatic yarn conversion table are but some of the advanced functions contained in this software.

Loom Drivers: WeaveMaker Mi has been tested by its developers to run on a wide range of looms. There is no separate charge for loom drivers and all are included and installed with the software.

These looms are supported:

  • AVL (Types I, II, and III) *** WeaveMaker supports the Compu-Dobby IV indirectly through WIF file export.
  • Macomber
  • Dobbytron
  • Louet (Octado, Megado, Magic)
  • Leclerc
  • SLIPS (Schacht, for example

If you would like to see a Demo of this software, please read these instructions.

To view version change history, visit WeaveMaker's download page and select your operating system.

Download option IS available. Select the Zero shipping method to have this software emailed to you and save on Shipping and Handling costs! Usually takes 1-2 business days to process order.

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WeaveMaker Mi Student Copy for One Semester