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WeaveMaker Pro


WeaveMaker Pro includes all the features of WeaveMaker Mi such as a full set of design tools for both dobby and treadle looms. Automatic repeats; custom repeats; exploded 3-D views of the weave; float histograms; and an automatic yarn conversion table are but some of the advanced functions contained in this state-of-the-art software. WeaveMaker is developed for Mac OS 10.6.8 and newer environment. WeaveMaker Pro offers more schemes than WeaveMaker Mi and includes drivers for major power looms.

Best of all, WeaveMaker Pro includes a remarkably advanced bit of artificial intelligence, an automatic pattern generator that literally can design more weaves than all the stars in the heavens. Not only can Pro design weaves but it also allows the weaver to work with a multitude of  colors. Once the design and colors are determined then the program can be set to continually make changes until one catches your eye.

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WeaveMaker Pro