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Complex Drafting Module for WeavePoint


Complex Drafting is a special version of WeavePoint, and is an addition to standard WeavePoint. Complex Drafting is especially suited for designing patterns for drawlooms, but is actually made for studying complex patterns in a general way.Complex means a whole made up of many interrelated parts (e.g. like in apartment complex). In WeavePoint Complex Drafting you can build patterns consisting of more interrelated parts than usual. Complex Drafting makes it simple and straightforward to design drawdowns for textiles with several groups of shafts. These include damask with pattern harness and ground harness, lampas with pattern harness, ground harness and binding harness, as well as textiles with two warps. With Complex Drafting youll find it easy to combine different groups of shafts; just like a loom with pattern and ground harness.In the Complex Drafting version, you have available pattern threading and liftplan, two ground threadings and treadlings and up to four tie-ups. Thanks to the two groups with ground harness, you can combine bindings with different weave units.With Complex Drafting you design the pattern, expand the pattern by the unit (decoupure) size, and add the weave structures.It is also possible to make normal tie-up and liftplan patterns with only one shaft group, but note that standard WeavePoint is much more flexible for this purpose. Complex Drafting is tuned especially for making patterns with more than one shaft group.

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Complex Drafting Module for WeavePoint