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Troubleshooting the Shed

AVLs are designed with a shed which exactly meets the need; not too wide, not too narrow. And there's of course a reason for this precision. Raising harnesses higher than you need may give you a larger shed, but it's also a waste of time and effort. You only need enough warp separation for the shuttle to pass freely. However, because the shed on AVLs is so precisely calibrated, you do need to be sure that you're getting all that the loom can deliver.

There are three likely causes for restricted sheds:

Possible Cause How to fix it
1.) Shuttle Race is too high or low. When your beater is pushed all the way away from you, your warp threads should just be gently touching the race.
If the race is too high, you'll need to lower it. If you see a gap between the bottom of the warp and the top of the race, bring it up! On the overhead beaters, there is an adjustment screw at the top of the beater hanging arm. On the bottom swing beater, there is a same kind of adjustment screw, but at the bottom of the beater. 

2.) Treadle cables fell off the pulleys.

Replace the treadle cables so they go over the pulleys.

3.) Dobby Cable Turnbuckle is out of adjustment.

You'll need a helper to check this. Have him watch the travel of the Dobby Arm in the slot on the right side of the Dobby while you treadle the loom. Do not have any harnesses engaging. The arm should travel all the way to the top of the slot and to the bottom. If it does not go all the way to the bottom, check if the dobby arm stop is not blocking the movement. If there is a pin in that place, pull it out If it is not, you'll need to tighten or loosen the turnbuckle at the side of the loom.

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