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Troubleshooting the Cloth Storage System

There are two kinds of Cloth Storage Systems used on AVLs: one is used on our larger Production Looms, the other on our Folding Looms. They are similar in that both rely on the action of a dead-fall weight to create the energy needed to roll your cloth onto a rear mounted Cloth Storage Beam - that is, they harness gravity to do work. And both systems move your cloth to this beam automatically; you need only wind the weight back up when it's reached the limit of its travel. Even though they are very similar in principle, they look somewhat different. In this class, we will pay particular attention to the system used on Production Looms.

The problem is that you have two drums that turn in opposite directions simultaneously. The best antidote here is to come to know the system so well that you can visualize its operation at any moment.

If the cloth isn't moving backwards onto the Storage Roller, try one of these solutions:

Possible Cause How to fix it
The weight is at the bottom of its track and is no longer pulling on the cord, so there's no energy left to roll cloth onto the Storage Roller.
Wind the weight to the top position. If the weight does not want to stay in the top position, check if you forgot to insert the pull pin when you last had the Cloth Storage Roller off or the pin has fallen out. Replace the pin. 

The cord on the Cloth Storage Drum at the rear slackens, unspools, and leaves quite a mess. The cord at the Cloth Take-Up Drum in the front may even snarl and wrap around its axle.

You will achieve the best result, if you simply reinstall the system. First, locate the instructions in your manual, in the Assembly section, that pertain to installing your Cloth Storage Drum. Begin at the place where you are instructed to "Route the Cloth Storage Cord".

The Cloth Storage Spring has come unhooked at the loom frame or the spring has broken.

Lock the weight up. Go to the Cloth Storage Drum at the back of the loom, pull the pin, and turn the drum clockwise: If it seems not to offer any resistance, remove the drum and examine the spring (spring has hooks on both ends). If the spring is hooked over the pin inside the drum, and has a corresponding hook at its other end, replace the drum, taking great care to engage the free hook on the pin in the side frame. If either hook is missing, the spring needs to be replaced.

The Clutch Bearing in the center of the Cloth Storage Drum is malfunctioning.

You need to replace the Cloth Storage Ratchet Assembly and Clutch Bearing. Call AVL to order parts.

To determine if this is the problem, with the pull pin in place, try turning the Cloth Storage Drum lightly clockwise. You should not be able to move it without moving the cloth storage beam.

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