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Troubleshooting the Mechanical Dobby

Symptom Possible Cause How to fix it
Dobby skips a) Pressing too hard or too quickly on the treadles. Press the treadles with a smooth, rhythmical motion.

b) Cable turnbuckle out of adjustment.

Adjust according to the assembly instructions.

Dobby head jams

a) Dobby chain not brought out over the top of the lower roller.

Reverse the dobby and turn by hand to get the dobby chain out.

  b) Dobby cable turnbuckle out of adjustment. Adjust the turnbuckle according to the assembly instructions.
Dobby chain does not advance

Detent wheel on the dobby head is loose.

Contact AVL Looms customer service for advice on correcting this problem.

Dobby does not advance, last few harnesses will not change pattern or some combination of last and current pick harnesses are raised

Left Treadle not fully depressed. If you do not fully depress the Left Treadle each time you lift, you will experience problems with your harnesses. Because the Left Treadle is unweighted, it's easy to forget that you need to do this. However, this treadle does something very important - it releases the harnesses that were engaged for the previous pick, but only in the last fraction of its stroke. So, if you seem to be experiencing harness lifting problems, your use of the Left Treadle is the first thing to suspect.

Fully depress the left treadle with each shed change.