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AVL's Favorite Acronyms

AVL: Ahrens and Violette Looms

A-Series: Our current model. The "A" stands for the A in AVL, Jim Ahrens. A-Series looms come in 8, 16, 24, and 40 harness models and have replaced the old Production Dobby Looms and Technical Dobby Looms.

AVL40: Full frame loom of the PDL/TDL style, 40 harness dobby looms. Built from 2000 to 2003. Available over the years in widths ranging from 30" to 72".

PDL: Production Dobby Looms: 16 harness dobby looms. Built from 1977 to 2003. Available over the years in widths ranging from 30" to 72".

TDL: Technical Dobby Looms: 24 harness dobby looms. Built from 1987 to 2003. Originally, we added "technical" features to the TDL which differentiated them from the other looms, but over the years, all of the "technical" aspects migrated to the Production Dobby Loom, so that when they went out of production, the only difference was the number of harnesses. Available over the years in widths ranging from 30" to 72".

FDL: Folding Dobby Loom: 16 harness dobby loom. In production from 1982 to the present. Be aware, however, that in the 80's, we call them Production Dobby Looms too, differentiated from what we than called FULL-FRAME Production Dobby Looms. FDLs have been built in 24", 30", 36", 40", and 48" widths, although the vast majority are 40".

SDL: Studio Dobby Loom: 1997 to present. Available in 16 and 24 harnesses. SDLs only come with a Compu-Dobby II and have been built in 20" and 30" widths.

IDL: Industrial Dobby Loom. 1992 to present. Our automated looms. 24 harness only. Available in 24", 40", and 60" weaving widths.

UDL: Ultimate Dobby Loom, another name for the AVL40 discussed above.

WDL: Workshop Dobby Loom (a.k.a. The California Traveler). 2001 to present. Available in 8, 16, or 24 harnesses.

BML: Basic Modular Loom. 1980 to present. Starts in four harness, six treadle mode and can be expanded to become whatever the current dobby loom is or was. For example, a BML with four shafts purchased in 1982 could, conceivably, still be upgraded to a sixteen shaft Production Dobby loom without the necessity to drill a single hole.

AA: Automatic Cloth Advance. Winds bobbins automatically, intended for higher volume production.

ABW: Automatic Bobbin Winder.

EBW: Electric Bobbin Winder. Manually controlled, electric bobbin winder.

WW: Warping Wheel, an AVL-exclusive warping accessory.

TLC: What we try to give every customer. ♥