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Does AVL Buy Back Looms?

Maybe you'd like to trade yours in for a new one. Or maybe you simply need the space. Whatever the reason, selling your AVL loom is a big decision. How and at what price will you sell your loom? These are the most difficult questions to consider. Selling your loom back to AVL is a great way to simplify and shorten the process.

AVL sells many factory reconditioned looms every year. With the thousands of long-lasting AVLs out in the world, reconditioning looms has become an important business for us. Once you contact us, we will agree on the price. Then, we'll send you the necessary boxes and arrange for a carrier to pick it up. We usually pay for all shipping and once the loom is inspected for correctness we'll cut your check. Clean, easy, and fast.

And you know that once the loom is in AVL's hands, it will receive the most knowledgeable and thorough reconditioning possible with the expectation of finding a welcome new home.

Call us at 800-626-9615 extension 233 or fill out our online Selling Your AVL contact form.