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WeaveMaker Bug Fix for Mac OSX

Nov 04, 2013

WeaveMaker has released an update for Mac OSX that fixes a couple bugs that were found in the WeaveMaker Mi Software for Macintosh users. This update is free for weavers who have purchased WeaveMaker Version 9. If you have not purchased the latest version of WeaveMaker for Mac OS 10.6.8 and newer, you can do so here.

From WeaveMaker's website:

Version 9.2.1:

Corrects the problem of the Warp Actions triangle in the Tools window being disabled. See this page of the manual if you are unsure of what the "actions" triangle looks like and does.
Corrects a discrepancy between the user's manual and the software for Algebraic input. The manual says that an incomplete entry (where the algebraic input specifies fewer ends or picks than are contained in the design) is repeated to fill up the warp or weft, but the software didn't do that. Now it does.
Improves several error messages in Algebraic input mode to provide more and better explanations, rather than just saying there's incorrect input. Also fixes the display of the count of ends or picks specified by the current input.
Corrects the confusing and incorrect double appearance of the word "Denting" in the View menu. The second appearance should actually be "Stop Motion" and now so reads.
Fixes the incorrect coloring of the Fabric Swatch in printouts.

Click here to go to WeaveMaker's website to download the latest version.

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