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Tour of the New Site

Dec 20, 2011

Welcome to our new website! Let us show you around!


Online Shopping

The first thing we'd like to point out is that our eCommerce store and our website are now seamlessly integrated as one site. We're working to make sure that all the product information you need is in one spot, named Catalog. Use your mouse to hover over the main menu of Catalog to activate the drop-down menu of all the sub-categories under Catalog, such as Looms, Reconditioned Looms, Accessories and more! Those pages will have the products you need or the links to drill down even further.

If you can't find something, you can always Contact Us and we will send you a direct link or add the item to the online catalog if it hasn't been added yet.


AVL Library, FAQs and Website Links

Hover over the main menu Resources, and you'll find our LibraryFAQs/SupportWeaver Links and of course, this blog. The library contains a lot of information including manuals to looms, accessories and software, Compu-Dobby® driver downloads, links for software demos, product videos and much more. Click on the category headings to expand each one.

On the FAQs/Support page, you'll find just that! This is also where our troubleshooting topics are located. If you've got a question regarding your equipment or AVL Policies, this is a great place to start.

The Weaver Links page is a compilation of online weaving resources and customers' blogs and websites. Check back frequently for new additions!



Find the information you need on our looms by visiting our Looms page. From there, you can click on the loom(s) you're interested in and find product specifications (such as footprint and technical requirements) by clicking on the headers with the plus signs throughout the page to expand more content.



Find Course DescriptionsClass SchedulesTeacher Profiles and information on our Traveling Teacher Program by visiting the pages located under the Workshops page.

All About AVL

Learn all about us, what makes our products special and a little of our history by visiting the About Us pages. Perhaps you're looking for a list of our international partners or our customer testimonials?

Whatever you've come to our website for, we hope you enjoy the new look and flow of information. Please let us know if you'd like help finding something or even if you just want to drop us a friendly "Hello!"

Above all, please enjoy!

AVL Looms