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Spring Sale!

Apr 29, 2013

As we rejuvenate through another spring, it’s time to celebrate -- celebrate the end of winter, the end of tax season, an improving economy, and our cool, fun and fantastic community of weavers! The latest E-Shuttle shows off just how amazing and fun this community is. 

Now, onto the sale… Use coupon code SPRING (all caps, case sensitive) at checkout!

For the next forty-five days enjoy great savings on the following:

$295 PRICE!

WeavePoint ver. 7.1 for Windows 7/8, or WeaveMaker Mi ver.9 for Mac OS 10.7 and newer

Save an amazing 22% on these feature rich, renowned weaving design software packages.

SAVE 20%

$100 off the price of upcoming Basically WeavePoint Workshop

The savings continue when you purchase WeavePoint during this promotion, save an additional $100 when attending the Basically WeavePoint Workshop in October.

10% OFF

New Stainless Steel Reeds (choose from 4-20 dents)

Rarely do you see reeds on sale anywhere and who couldn’t use that one additional reed.  AVL buys the highest quality stainless steel reeds.  Designed to fit your looms and made in the USA.  Buy now and save!

50% Wow!

Announcing our Bring a Friend Promotion, where you save 50% off the second tuition on any AVL Workshop.

$1,000 OFF

Workshop Dobby Loom, 24 inch, 24 harness

This little loom has become the go to ‘baby’ AVL.  A dobby loom with twenty-four harness, up to two warp beams and one of the smallest floor loom footprints you will find – unbeatable!  Until now that is – save nearly 20%.

15% OFF

All Books

Ostercamp, Coe and even Kelly Marshall -- We have some of your favorite authors.

25% OFF

Home Loom, 40”, 8 Harness/10 Treadle

AVL’s best kept secret is the Home Loom.  Not a sexy name – but if you’ve been crawling underneath your loom, the Home Loom’s unique side tie-up sure is alluring.    Buy now and save up to $1,025!

Save $500, $1,000, on up to $3,000!  Peter and Amanda think I am crazy with this offer (and they may be right). Our renowned flagship A-Series loom, includes: Compu-Dobby®, sectional beams, flyshuttles, and all-around superb weaving experience. Contact us for more information.

Announcing the AVL financing program.
With the improving economy, we can bring our cost of money down and pass the savings on to you.  Act now for low monthly payments and the very special 6.99% APR financing for your loom purchase*.  Contact us for more information.

*Valid only on new loom purchases. Offer dependent upon buyer qualification. To qualify buyers must reside in the USA.

But wait, I have one more promotion to make you celebrate. Contact me within the next 15 days and I will double my offer on your trade-in!  This is no joke, but it is a time limited offer. For those hoping to trade-up to a new A-Series or Jacq3G, or downsize to V-Series, this is your chance to do so with our easy AVL trade-in program. Contact us for more information.

Hurry -- Sale ends June 8, 2013! Don't forget! Use coupon code SPRING (all caps, case sensitive) at checkout!