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Our Biggest Looms Yet!

Jan 24, 2013

As many of you have heard, AVL Looms has been busy for the better part of the second half of 2012 designing and building two giant rug looms: one 15 foot weaving width and the other 20 foot weaving width for one of our long time customers in Bogotá Colombia, Hechizoo. We documented some of the process along the way with photos. The following introduction is written by Peter Straus, previous President and current Vice President of AVL.

Made in America. It almost seems like an afterthought or an anachronism. Isn’t everything made in China these days? Well, not everything. Lots of stuff is still made in the USA; in fact manufacturing in the US is remarkably robust.

According to the World Bank, the United States is still the world's largest manufacturing economy, producing 18.2 percent of global manufactured products. And some of that manufacturing is still taking place in Chico California, the home of AVL Looms.

Recently we completed the construction of the biggest loom we have ever built -- a 20 foot (4.5M) long Professional Dobby Rug Loom for a company in South America. As part of the project, we thought our multi-talented Amanda Brimm could tackle the incredibly difficult task of chronicling the construction of this loom.

The photo essay below is your window into our world. We hope you enjoy it.


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