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Little Weaver Update and Holiday Sale Reminder for Dec 11, 2012

Dec 11, 2012

Holiday Sale Reminder

It’s that time of year again! For many of us, that means hectic planning, decorating and shopping!

We just wanted to help by sending out a little reminder that our Holiday Sale is still going on until December 14, 2012. Use coupon code FALL2012 at checkout (case sensitive).

40% off most reconditioned looms

20% off all A-Series, V-Series, Jacq3G looms & Home Looms

10% off all warping equipment including Electric Bobbin Winders and Warping Wheels!

Little Weaver Update

The first batch of Little Weavers has already sold out! We were hoping to have started shipping already, but as some of you know, our wood and metal shops have been busy, busy making parts for a 15 foot and a 20 foot rug loom (see below). We are back on track and putting together the latest pre-production unit as I type this. We expect to start shipping this first batch of Little Weavers in January. (For those of you who expected to receive one as a holiday gift in December, please contact us). We have begun taking orders for our second batch (which should be a much larger batch) and estimate that we will start shipping these by the end of the first quarter in 2013. Click here to see more details about the Little Weaver!

Now, if you thought our first prototype was exciting, check out the new features on this second one!


At this year’s HGA Convergence in Long Beach, CA, you welcomed our newest addition to the AVL family with enthusiasm and gave us your feedback. We took your comments and excitement and used them to improve our design. Here’s a list of new features we are testing on the latest version:

Rolling Case – We have ordered custom rolling cases for Little Weavers. These are made with ½” foam padding all around with a top opening, telescoping handle and wheels to make traveling with your Little Weaver a breeze. We are offering these cases at an Introductory price of $280! Regular price will be $349.


The Infamous Rug Looms!

Many of you have heard about the Monster Rug Looms that have been taking our utmost attention the past few months. We have been documenting their progress from raw steel to assembly with black and white photos. These behemoths will be shipping out in a 40 foot cargo container next week on their way to their new home in Colombia. The company, Hechizoo, is a long time customer of AVL’s and weaves the most amazing rugs, including some that are woven with metal wire. We will be posting a photo essay with our Rug Loom pictures throughout this part of their journey, so stay tuned and check our blog regularly! If you want to see Hechizoo’s work for yourself, please visit their website at