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ArahPaint for Windows

Apr 10, 2013

We are pleased to announce the availability of ArahPaint5 for Windows.

If you are an Arahne's jacquard customer, you probably know ArahPaint well enough. If not, look at the link attached to this news, to learn more about ArahPaint. Linux customers are using ArahPaint4.1, it is an older version based on Qt 3.4. We have now ported the program to new version of Qt 4.8, which enabled us to port the program to Windows and Mac OSX, and add some new features. Mac version of ArahPaint5 will follow within one month.

New features include:
- display of freehand mouse pen preview in actual pixel size
- total redesign of image resize window; easy conversion from size in pixels, percentage, density in threads or dpi
- ability to import PDF, Postscript and SVG vector images
- flexible guide indicators, double click on ruler to set them
- loading of colormap from image, for easy conversion from one colormap to another.
- ability to keep unused colors in colormap, for customers who use fixed colormaps for all their images for technical reasons. Toggle "Colors > Keep colormap from image", in order to use that.
- new gradient filter
- PDF manuals available from help menu
- since ArahPaint5 on Windows must work without ArahWeave, it is able to save setup, change language or default directory.

ArahPaint can load 49 image formats (PNG, TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF), jacquard formats (Staubli, Bonas, Grosse, AVL ...), dobby formts (WIF, Somet, Vamatex, Sulzer, Staubli, Dornier, SmitTextile, ...) as well as some custom image formats from competition (old EAT, old Nedgraphics, Colorado, IAM, Sophis, ...). ArahPaint5 for Windows can only save images in PNG, GIF or JPEG format, TIFF and BMP will be added later.

You can download it from here:
Unzip it and run arahpaint5.exe
To change language or change default image directory, do "Help > Save setup".
and choose the flag with your language.
ArahPaint is free, feel free to copy it or recommend it to friends.

The software has been tested intensively, but this is the first public limited public release, so it is considered beta quality. Please report any bugs or problems to  You are also invited to share your questions and opinions by commenting at the same link.

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