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Customer Testimonials

AVL counts among its customers some of the most renowned artists and thousands of professional and hobby weavers all around the world. We place a high value on our customers. Here's what some of them have to say about AVL.

"The week in Chico passed way too quickly. The students were wonderful, and your hospitality was very much appreciated. Thank you so much for the rides, the dinner, and especially the welcoming atmosphere at AVL. The loom [Jacq3G] is going to be a winner, and I look forward to seeing many new jacquard weavers as a result."

Alice Schlein, Guest Lecturer | AVL40


"I finally am home for a few weeks and have been able to spend a few days with my loom. It has taken some time and thinking but my loom is now consistently working. My woven shibori is looking fantastic! I can't be any happier. Thank you for your patience with me. I especially thank you for such a terrific little loom."

Barbara Nelson | Workshop Dobby Loom

"Thank you so much!  When I went to CNCH last weekend I got lots of ideas and am anxious to try them - I am so happy to be able to do that soon.  The loom is wonderful and I love to weave on it.  I am really glad I got it!"

Linda Laffler | A-Series Compu-Dobby IV

"Just wanted to let you know that I've now woven off about 10 inches on the WDL, and I absolutely LOVE it!"

Tien Chiu | Workshop Dobby Loom 24 harness

I was sure Jannie was involved [with the new WeavePoint manual].  She is such a fabulous teacher and mentor. I'll be in touch.  Please tell Bob and Kim... that I LOVE MY NEW LOOM~~~~!!!!!!!

Sybil Yastro | V-Series 24 harness

"What a fabulous loom the AVL has turned out to be - I have woven for 25 years with it with perfect reliability and minimal maintainance and could not go back to the George Wood or my mechanical dobby rug loom."

Steve and Lisette Attwood-wright | 60" Production Dobby Loom

"Warping up my new A Series loom went very well.  I’m all tied on, just need to adjust the various tensions and then do some fiddling with my computer set up and I’ll be WEAVING.

I am having way so much fun getting this machine set up.  Each step of the process thus far has worked out very well for me ergonomically.  Even better than anticipated.  This loom actually allows me to warp and tie on in more posturally correct and comfortable positions than my table loom."

Nancy Fath | A-Series 40" 24 harness CDIV

"My wife loves her AVL [16 harness Folding Dobby Loom]."

Jim Targove

"The loom and I had some rough spots after it got here but, after your move, Bob was very helpful and it's working great now and I'm loving it. It's exactly what I hoped it would be."

Larry Novak | V-Series 30" 40 harness

"I just wanted you folks to know after a few adjustments to the tension and in general getting to know the loom, I'm weaving my first project ( first double weave at that ) without any problems. I love the cloth advance and automatic tension. It makes the weave picks perfect and you never have to stop to advance the cloth or try to get the tension just so. ... All in all the investment in the parts for the auto advance was well worth every penny. ...
After my first loom I looked on the internet at what was available in different brands of looms. When I came across the AVL website it was like, yeah right, I have a Geo budget and I'm looking at a Rolls. Somehow I knew AVL was a premiere loom and just knew it was out of my reach. I did think I could afford your tensioner. I look at this great "old, as you put it," loom and after using it even for a short while realize what a great bargain I got. Someday I may win the lottery and when I do we'll talk about a new loom. .... Mmm... maybe a Jacquard .... and a 60" industrial........ mmmThanks for all you do!"

Steve Brown | Production Dobby Loom 48" 16 harness

"Like many other weavers, I LOVE my AVL and am so happy to be able to put weaving back into my busy life!"

Kelly Volkmann

"I love my 1986 AVL, Peter was so supportive when I put it back together (I bought it in pieces in April 2001, and took classes in October, and started to restore it in May 2002), I will always be indebted to you all."

Jill Lawrence, Naperville, Illinois

"I am impressed with the service I am getting now!

I looked at the V-series in Albuquerque. My first thought was that the cloth storage system is wonderful and only AVL has this.  But it is an extra which many weavers (who haven't used an AVL yet) do not appreciate.

The V-series loom does look like a bridge product.  It has a good price, too. ...

Larry Novak loves his new V-series 40-shaft loom. He told our study group that it feels very solid and is well-built. ...  His wife is very supportive and she likes his latest scarves. He really did use the word "love" when asked if we could go downstairs and see his new loom. There was a nice warp on the loom so we could try it out. I think there will be a market for this loom, and the footprint is not too large."

Bonnie Inouye, Author of "Exploring Multishaft Design"

"I wanted to send you an update on the changeover on the WDL from the Compudobby 3 to 4 .

IT WEAVES!!!!!! And it does so RELIABLY.

And I am delighted!"

Kathy Alexander | Workshop Dobby Loom 24" 24 harness

"I just spoke with Luby [Mays]... she's a happy camper... loves her J3G!"

Pam Stoesser, AVL Looms Staff

"I can't tell you how much I enjoy my AVL workshop Dobby Loom.  After a few trials, I learned how to quickly take it apart and reassemble it.  It fits into the back of my SUV so I am able to take with me to variety of places, including Madelyn van der Hoogt's Weaving School on Whidbey Island, Washington, the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in Tacoma, Washington, the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon, and even on vacation at the beach."

Kathleen, Quail Hill Knits

"I love my new Home Loom."

Margaret Souza

"Yes I love my Jacquard.  Have some things to work out from time to time but I am learning a lot and 'having fun.'"

Theresa Lagoy | Jacq3G

"What amazes me is how AVL keeps on coming out with wonderful new ideas. You already are at the top, but continue to go up higher. Other companies just stagnate or even lower their standards, but not you! Keep it up and thank you."

Anita Bell | Lubbock, Texas

"Thanks very much, Pam. You provide good service. I love my AVL! In fact, since my husband and I are retired now, we're downsizing and with two large looms the decision was to sell one so I would only devote one room in the house to a large loom, rather than two. The choices were the AVL and a 10 shaft solid oak Gilmore style loom which my husband had built for me in the late 70's... all hand made with small woodworking tools, plus a storage bench with a seat that reversed to be flat or angled, and with height variations. I decided to keep the AVL. It was very difficult to let go of the handmade, beautiful loom, but I found someone who cherishes it, and sold it to a lady in Austin, Texas. The AVL gives me so much more versatility, and I don't have to memorize long treadling sequences. And it's so much fun to design on the computer and so much faster. Thanks for making all that possible!"

Gerry Woodhouse

"A-Series...way above expectations - The lift on 24 (harnesses) is lighter than my 16 (harness) Folding Loom. I'm impressed. I was ready to brace myself for an exercise program in strength training or hip replacement, but it is actually an easier lift than the 16. I've been weaving twills so its not exactly a balanced weave but its not a tied weave. That will be my next trial. Thank you for the great products!! I enjoy every minute I weave. I even enjoyed assembling my loom. I'm not a mechanical whiz, but I understand the process..."

Diane Ayers

"I love the four-box shuttle - after a few months I'm completely comfortable with it and the shifter is very smooth."

Christopher Granger

"I love my AVL. Never had any real problems with it besides the "operator error" kind. Plenty of those, but usually only once per error type - I try to learn from my mistakes!...Mine is a 48-inch, 24-shaft, Compudobby II, with overhead beater and single-box fly shuttle, and automatic warp advance system. DH has added a motor shaft lifter system, which is a godsend. First because I do a lot of multilayer stuff, and my right knee was beginning to refuse to cooperate when I had to lift 22 shafts at once. Second because the motor ensures that the [virtual] left treadle action is always consistent, so I have no problems with sheds not opening right because the previous shed didn't get cleared completely...I weave a lot, and can't imagine maintaining a high volume of production without the AVL. No other loom I know of is such an efficient production tool. Your mileage may vary, but I come from a long line of artisans whose motto inevitably was "get the best tools you can, and keep 'em in good running order, because they'll help you do the best work you're capable of."

Sandra Rude

"The Story of HOPE LOOM….A friend of ours wanted Neil to weave a bedspread that was larger than any loom we owned. We told him that the only way to do the project was to buy a bigger loom. He told us he would buy the loom as part of the payment. So we went to the bank and together with our friend we borrowed enough money to purchase HOPE LOOM. Every month our friend sent us a check and we made the payment on our beautiful AVL. She is quite large and she wouldn’t fit in our home, so we rented a studio to weave the bedspread. Neil worked 8 hours a day as a hand weaver, then came home and wove 2 or 3 extra hours on HOPE every weekday and every weekend. We found that we had extra bills with keeping the studio rent and utilities paid, so we started greeting the public from the studio, and folks loved the beautiful cloth we made.

Then one day, the checks from our friend stopped coming. We had enough money in the bank to make one payment, so we did, and the next month there was still no check to pay the loan for the loom. We named her HOPE at that time because we could only HOPE to make the payments. Six months passed and one day we had a call from our friend. He had been in a terrible truck wreck and was finally able to call us. We told him that we were able to make the payments quite well with our little business and to forget the payments. We were on our own.

Since then we have paid off that loan and moved to our own studio. In 1996 when our studio was hit with a tornado, Neil was weaving a large bedspread for a customer. He wove the first half and then the storm hit. It is the only coverlet HOPE has ever woven with a tornado in the middle. We now have only 2 years left to pay on the studio with the help of AVL and HOPE LOOM. Thank you AVL for your help all these years."

Neil Colmer

"...wanted to let you know that the dobby parts arrived Friday afternoon, went right on, and the dobby is walking forward and backwards without a skip, just as if it had not had a Compu-Dobby on it for the last decade and a half. This is such a great loom - It has been shipped around the country from coast to coast, set up in many different studios, sat in a foot of flood water, and the thing just tunes up and marches along. I hope you all did well at Convergence - you have a fine product."

Francis Dorsey | 16H Prodution Dobby Loom (predecessor to the A-Series 16 harness)

"I am a very happy weaver! It is a joy to weave a scarf from beginning to end without having to frequently unweave. The e-lift makes weaving almost effortless. The AVL-40 and I are quickly becoming good friends and I hope that our friendship will continue."

Janet Stollnitz | AVL-40 (predecessor to the A-Series 40 harness)

"Not every weaver needs or wants a loom of this quality, but for those that do I can recommend the 40 harness AVL Loom. One weaver I talked with had one on order and I told her she would love it. The loom is a joy to weave on. The detached bench is easily removed and a lower stool can be put in place for ease of threading."

Cynthia Broughton | A-Series 40 harness

"I own the first AVL A-Series loom sold in the US. Prototypes usually have issues but there were none with this loom. On the third day I wove and the first words out of my mouth were, "NOTHING WEAVES LIKE AN AVL!". Now, almost three years later, I am still astounded by how consistently well this loom performs and how simple the AVL advanced technology is, both for upkeep and use. I am still saying, "NOTHING WEAVES LIKE AN AVL!". Thank you AVL!"

Jo Bradfield | A Series 60" 24 harness CD III

“I love my's perfection. I have woven about 4 warps on it now,and not one broken warp thread in all that time! perfect tension, beautiful selvedges. Cannot believe how fast a warp is woven. Now I know why people put 100 yard warps on, because when I put my 2nd warp of 6 yards, I just got started and was finished with it before I knew it. I'm the type of weaver that by the time I've woven my 100th shot, I'm already thinking about the next project...drives me crazy, but with this loom, I can weave off fast and go on to the next project!

Mary Rios | 24 Harness A-Series Loom

“…I was doing the same type of weaving on my 8 shaft Glimakra and could do a place mat in about 80 minutes. …with my AVL …I can finish 3 place mats in three hours including loading shuttles.”

Melody Messinger | 16 Harness A-Series

“I've been an AVL owner since the early 1980's, and I am now weaving on my third AVL loom. On my current loom, an AVL40, as on my previous two looms, I love the speed at which I am able to bring my ideas from concept to cloth. I specifically love the eLift motor, which allows me to design cloth with any number of shafts lifting at once with no stress whatsoever. And the new automatic cloth advance is awesome - after 30+ years of weaving, I am finally able to weave fine cloth with a consistent beat!”

Alice Schlein | AVL 40 Loom (predecessor of the 40 Harness A-Series Loom)

“…I want you to know how great your AVL looms are supporting our work.”

Eduardo Portillo, Morera Studio | Technical Dobby Loom

(predecessor of the 24 Harness A-Series Loom)

“I call it my Cadillac of Looms. It works so nicely. It’s the biggest, and the best of what I have!”

Carolyn Shure | 12H Dobby Loom (predecessor of the A-Series Loom)

“…There are many of us diehard AVL fans. I still find the loom amazing after [having had] the loom for a few years. I have always been pleased with the support behind the product. The company has been run and has an outstanding reputation. I had the pleasure of speak with Sue Luna. She was quite helpful and knowledgeable. I am very happy that she is on board with you…”

Harriett E. Ringold | 16H Production Dobby Loom (predecessor of the 16 Harness A-Series Loom)

“What I love about my AVL? It allows me to do so many things. I can move forward and keep tension. I can advance the warp and not lose tension.”

Nancy Rovin | 16H Production Dobby Loom (predecessor of the 16 Harness A-Series Loom)

"I was diagnosed with MS just two months after I got my loom built and running. At first I had some serious concerns about being able to continue with my weaving dreams. My concern was primarily answered by the thoughtful design of my AVL. After taking more patience and time in understanding how to utilize my loom's design, my husband and I were able to devise a few innovations that best fit my needs. Above all, it is the design of the AVL that allows me to improvise and it is the quality of the workmanship in my AVL that contributed to my ability to trust my loom. I strongly encourage everyone at AVL Looms to continue making the best weaver's loom that I know of. I would have each of you know that, no matter what your position of responsibility, it is all the individual steps that have made my first six months with my AVL so successful."

Saundra Lee Terry | Thornton, Colorado

"My new 40" small frame loom arrived (very quickly, thanks!) and went together without a hitch. It is always nice to start something up and have it work on the first try. The AVL 40" small frame 16 shaft with Compu-Dobby® attached did just that! Compliments to the AVL team for a well built product ... thanks for all your efforts."

Nancy PeckDearborn, Michigan

"I own a 20 shaft AVL with Compu-Dobby®, 60" wide. I love my loom!!!"

Cynthia CrullBay St. Louis, Mississippi

"I love AVL looms!"

Wendy BerkowitzFlushing, New York

"I surprised myself at how fast I was approaching the end of the warp."

Mary Sue FosterWichita, Kansas

"The manual for putting together our AVL loom was better than the manual for putting together our log home!"

Chris EricksonHanover, Pennsylvania

"I really like my new AVL loom. I like the way it looks and the way it works. The loom makes it easy to turn out beautiful weavings."

Renee Delight-La TorreStanwood, Washington

"Hi Bob and all you nice people at AVL. It is raining hard outdoors, but I am "shooting the shuttle [through] the shed and humming a happy song. I have put a warp on my beautiful little Four Harness, Six Treadle AVL Home loom. It is a beautiful, gorgeous, marvelous, little gem. This is my second home loom, and it is absolutely the most well designed of all the handweaving looms I have ever used. The side tie-up and the tension braking system are terrific---I do not think that any other loom has anything nearly as good. Wishing all of you good health and lots of orders for little Home Looms…”

Polly Roberts | Home Loom

"Yes, I love it! I have woven a variety of items from mug rugs to wall hangings...I like the ease of lift of the harnesses no matter how many are tied to the same treadle...I like the side tie-up...…”

Kathy Fennell | Home Loom

“…I looked at many looms before deciding to come back to AVL. What made me decide to come back to AVL was the enormity of knowledge Sue Goodmundsen taught me…Having worked with Sue as a teaching assistant, I grew in my knowledge of the AVL products and what they could accomplish. I wracked my brain to decide which one I should get again and decided on the home loam since it was the most versatile for my needs at the moment. Also, compared to other looms, it had one BIG advantage: SIDE TIE-UPS!!!! I refuse to crawl under a loom. I looked at the Harrisville Looms as I was there in May. I was not happy with their product [I looked at their Rug loom] as I felt it did not suit my needs, both creatively and logically. Thus, I came back to AVL.”

Doug Masury | Home Loom

“…In addition to weaving on the AVL-40, I have been weaving some scarves on the Workshop Dobby Loom. It is a very, very nice little loom!”

Janet Stollnitz | Workshop Dobby Loom

  “I weave on an AVL Folding Dobby Loom with Compu-dobby which I have owned since 1995. I couldn't be more pleased with my loom. I have upgraded it with the new Auto-Advance, single box fly shuttle and 1-yard sectional beam. Last summer, because of health problems I added the air assist for harness lifting. With all of the upgrades and changes the loom continues to work as it should and I weave from 4 to 6 hours most every day. With the air assist and the flyshuttle I can weave at about 50 - 60 picks per minute. Not bad for an old man with heart problems, eh? I really like my loom. It does everything I could want. It's easy to setup and even easier to weave on. And it fits in my available space. The Norse God THOR has a magic hammer named 'MJOLNIR' that will do THOR's bidding. 'MJOLNIR' is the name of my loom. It does whatever I want, whenever I want and then it is ready for more. Sorry, Peter, I'm happy enough with this loom that I don't plan to buy another one. But if I do you can bet it will be an AVL.”

Dick Lindell | Folding Dobby Loom

“…I made the jump to purchase an Industrial Dobby Loom in the beginning because I knew that I was in it for the long haul and the IDL saves the body."

Kathy Stotler | Industrial Dobby Loom

"The Textile Department at Georgia Tech is making headlines with its early adoption of new technology, including AVL's newest loom, the Industrial Dobby Loom."

Georgia Tech

""Above all, it is the design of the AVL that allows me to improvise and it is the quality of the workmanship in my AVL that contributed to my ability to trust my loom."

Saundra Lee Terry

Thornton, Colorado


 "I love my V series 40 shaft  - the best of the best loom - fantastic shed, tension, easy to thread, wonderful weaving - overall wonderful.      Love, Love, Love the WeavePoint classes I've taken.   Can't wait for the next one.   Great instructor,  wonderful software - does everything you could want, very easy. Couldn't live without my AVL warping wheel!!  I bought 2 - one for each house!  I am so very thrilled with all AVL has offered me.   And it's such fun to travel to Chico to learn !" 

Ann Ormiston | V-Series, 40 Shaft, West Phoenix, AZ area


Weaving Software

"I love WeavePoint!  It had definitely paid for itself several times over in

yarn that would have been wasted on seemingly decent designs.  It's also

taught me more about drafting and color interactions than I could have

imagined by allowing me to play around with the myriads of treadling,

threading, and pattern drafts than could have possibly been learned by

simple hand drawn drafts."

Marjorie Knowles | WeavePoint

"I absolutely love the WeavePoint software. I’m finding it not difficult to understand."

Barb MacIntyre | WeavePoint

"I am so impressed that AVL and Bjorn were able and willing to address this problem so quickly. Now I can go to class on Friday and teach the software and block weaves the correct and best way. Many thanks and my greatest appreciation to you all."

Susan Sklarek, Senior Critic in Textiles, Rhode Island School of Design | WeavePoint

“[WeavePoint Software] really makes design and weaving faster and more pleasurable!”

Gerry Woodhouse | WeavePoint

“Don't know what I would do without it, I love the program.”

Carol Birtwistle | WeaveMaker

Workshops, Classes and Courses

"I enrolled in the Basically Structured class in July and again in October 2005. Jannie Taylor is excellent with the software and designing. I felt that a repeat of the class would benefit me but one class is sufficient. I am much more proficient using the WeavePoint software and my designing ability is developing. I am very happy with the classes and the teacher, Jannie Taylor."

Carolyn McCall | Basically Structure

"The Class at AVL was just amazing. Jannie is a terrific instructor. She walked 
us around the looms and explained what every part is and what it is used for. 
Also, she emphasized the need for mainitaining the loom.. Tighten the bolts, 
wax areas and keep the wood supple. We then went to learning to put the warp 
on, plain beam vs. sectional beam. The entire class (8 students) were only 
interested in the sectional beam, so we learned about the tension box and how 
to use it and the warping wheel and using it. We then practiced for several 
hours how to beam on the sectional, we also learned about the electric bobbin 

 This was an intense course on how to use all those instruments that are needed 
to use with the loom. I know of no other company that offers this. We learned, 
beaming on, adjusting, and threading heddles and tying on. We then practiced on 
all the looms they have in their show room. What fun."

Jennifer Friedman | Basically AVL

"I attended the AVL classes before I bought my AVL loom several years ago. It was the best class. I took my Weavepoint class from Jannie there and then took another computer class from Jannie at Convergence 2008. She is the best!!!! Anyone who can take a class from her should do it!"

Dee Dee Greer | WeavePoint

"I came to the Basically Structure class with a little familiarity with WeavePoint. I had used the software to run my AVL but not to design any specific weave structure or project. During the class we learned how to use the software and then used the software to design a project.

It was very helpful to me that Jannie's computer screen was displayed on a big screen so that we could follow along with her and ask questions immediately. It was also very helpful that the class was small and we could sit around the table and look at what the other students were doing. Since coming home I have used the software with success  both to design and to fine tune previous projects. When I have questions I can (and do) email Jannie and get my questions answered."

Melody Messinger | Basically WeavePoint

"This has been the best class that I ever had. I learned a whole lot of things I did not know. The teacher [Jannie Taylor] is a great person. She helps you with so much."

Alice Kennedy | Basically AVL

"[I] learned even more than I ‘d expected and feel confident that I’ll be able to successfully work with my new loom."

Jean Klein | Basically AVL

"Sue is terrific. So much knowledge and so very helpful."

Kate Banner | Basically AVL


"I had the pleasure of attending a Shibori workshop with Kaye Faulkner inVirginia City this year and several weavers had your bobbin winder withtensioning device and I got the chance to use it. It was wonderful! I plan to order the yardage counter in the spring."

Sharlet Elms | Workshop Dobby Loom, Warping Wheel, Bobbin Winder

"The [Electric Bobbin Winder 110v to 220v] converters have just arrived this minute - I must say that was quick! - and it works perfectly. I am soooo pleased."

Paulette Adam, Denmark | Electric Bobbin Winder

“The warping wheel is an amazing tool.  I have found that tension when beaming on sectionally is incredibly even.  In addition to winding warps and putting them directly on the sectional beam of my AVL loom, I also use it for creating weft skeins to dye, and have figured out a good way to get warps back on the wheel after dye-painting them and then onto the sectional beam with almost perfect tension.

…I continue to rave about the Warping Wheel and all that it can do, as well as the CompuDobby and the production looms to whoever wants to listen. I am a very enthusiastic user of your products, and remain a loyal customer. Thanks again.”

Lynn Smetko, L. S. Designs | Warping Wheel

“…My Warping Wheel is fabulous and I couldn't do without it.”

Natalie MacKenzie | Warping Wheel

“I love the pressure roller since I weave almost exclusively on rayon chenille. The pressure roller gives me that added pull that prevents slippage on a large warp.”

Georgia Van Pelt | A-Series Pressure Roller

“The AA is all installed and working like a charm. On Saturday I wove 5 place mats and 52 inch table runner. This is a personal best. After the place mats, my foot was falling asleep and I was hungry, I looked up to see the clock expecting it to be around 2:00 and saw that it was 4:00 and that I had completed all FIVE place mats. So stopped for "lunch" and went back to do the runner. Yesterday I wove again and today too. I am impressed with the loom and the Automatic Advance.”

Melody Messinger | Auto Advance

“And one of my favorite things on the loom, after the Compu-Dobby, of course, is the automatic warp advance. My weaving is so much better than it has ever been that I am enjoying weaving more and more. For the first time in years, I have purchased a large supply of yarn, and am looking forward to weaving a lot.”

Jean Bartos | CompuDobby & Auto Advance

"We are enjoying the ease of operation especially the Air Assisted Shuttle and lifting mechanism. Comments on the improvement over our old looms and all the positive aspects of the AVL would fill several pages!"

Ingrid Hague, Moser Industries
Wadeville, Republic of South Africa

"John and Tracy Porter design hand painted furniture, accessories, and more from the wilds of rural Wisconsin, all with AVL software."

John and Tracy Porter, Stonehouse

"I adore my AVL shuttles. They are joy to work with, The weight and the way they handle (my hand EFS ones especially) is perfect for my needs. My AVL looms are the crowns of my studio! You guys have great products and I will continue to purchase them as needed."

Karen Zuchowski | Endfeed Shuttles

"I've waited to report on the performance of the CDIV until I had run it through its paces. I just completed a run of towels on a new warp, and they are perfect. Not a single weaving error in ten towels. Amazing. I am very happy with the new Compudobby and I wanted you to know that."

Alice Schlein | CompuDobby IV


"I just wanted to say 'thanks' for the advice you gave me to get my loom going again.  You nailed the problem.

I had been getting rather frustrated and discouraged.  Meanwhile I did a few pieces on my other looms, but I just finished a weaving on my AVL and am pleased.  All is well and life is good.  Thanks for your help."

Sharon Vandenack

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for the help and quick repair of my CD3!

It came home last night, just after I had finished a project for the ANWG Conference on another loom. Great timing! Today I hooked everything back up, and everything is working perfectly (except maybe me!)  My silk scarf is underway, with about 5" done, and deadline is Tuesday at the Guild meeting where we are going to assemble the "prototype" of the Guild booth.  I think I will make it - Thanks to you all."

Nadine Purcell

"Thank you for all your help with this purchase. I'm VERY happy with my AVL customer-service experience. You're the tops!"

Syne Mitchell, WeaveCast/WeaveZine

"If I EVER need anything weaving that AVL sells, I will get it from you guys.  ... Peter was a great deal of help and he was very patient.  I appreciate customer service very much, but so many times there just isn't any.  It makes me want to do more business with AVL.  Thank you so much."

Charley Beckman

"Hi, The HI EPI fix kit arrived quickly for my WDL 24_24 and everything is working fine now, no more bowing on shaft  2. I didn't realize that the rods were included in the original kit and had not installed them. I've also removed some of the extra heddles that probably added to the distortion.
Back to weaving and finishing my project. Thanks for the quick response and Happy Thanksgiving!"

Nancy Peck

"Hi Peter, We have liftoff! Thanks for your help - one can always count on AVL for solving one's problems. Thanks again."

Gail Fromson-Aasen

"Hi Sue, I wanted to stop for a minute and send you a note to say thanks! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the experience and advice you've shared with me... For instance your advice on the warping wheel... OMIGAWSH - for sampling I love it so much more than using a warping board, it just WORKS for me. I can't put my finger on it, but it just works. And for my warps that are built up of color patterns that don't repeat, it's just the easiest thing and lets me concentrate on the colors rather than the mechanics of warping. Truly, it's been such an amazing change. That's just a for instance, there is certainly more not the least of which is your kind patient manner. So, know that you are appreciated and thought of regularly in (AT THE LEAST) this weaver's studio!"

Christopher Granger

"Just something to say how happy I am that AVL has established an on-line system that I can connect to. My dad bought me a home loom in 1994 and I have woven several projects on it but have always yearned to be more in touch with the makers. I am even more elated that you have courses to enable the weaver. I will be sure to keep in touch more often."

Susan Reuben

"She [Pam Stoesser] has been just great practically anticipating my phone calls and having answers ready. She makes me feel like I've been working with you folks forever. This purchase of my 24" workshop dobby loom has been personal and fun with no downside and I look forward to dealing with Pam and AVL for a long time! I just wanted you to know how you're doing - A+."

Loretta Veenstra

"AVL is the best because its employees are the best! Its always a pleasure to talk with intelligent, informed, and extremely helpful folks. I am looking forward to my warping wheel, another great innovation from AVL."

Charlotte Mixon

"The customer service and support of AVL is one of the nicest things about owning an AVL loom. Since AVL Looms are such good products, I have not had many problems, but when I have, the staff has always been committed to helping solve those problems and answering my questions.

Once again, thank you for your prompt response to my problem. I think AVL is doing a great job in helping its customers reach the 'satisfaction super-highway'."

Vickie Van Fechtmann

"I knew I was investing in a World Class loom and that I would get what I paid for. What I was not counting on was a relationship with a first class company who understand and cares about their customers. I sincerely appreciate you."

Arlene Jayme

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I ordered the auto denter on December 21st and I received it on Dec 24th. That's fantastic service. AND it cost me less for S&H than these kinds of things ever did before from AVL. Way to go!"

Dick Lindell

"By the way, the new, improved [website] is great."

Janet Stollnitz

"Again, Bob, thanks so much for the excellent customer support, the wit, and wisdom, and last and foremost, go get that vodka and cranberry! It is a pleasure to deal with a real live human - gives me hope for small business owners in the U.S."

Lauren Maskowitz

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