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ArahWeave Super PE


ArahWeave is the premiere Mac or Linux-based weaving design package used by many professional textile designers around the world. The software boasts automation features that will dramatically improve any designer's productivity. ArahWeave products also include a library of 32,000 weaves. 

As a unique offering thru AVL, Arahne developed special versions (PE, Super PE, Jumbo PE, and One Format) that are sized just right for AVL customers and output J1P, PNG and BMP formats specifically compatible with JacqPoint and Jacq3G and earlier AVL Jacquards. Other file outputs are available with ArahWeave One Format. See for available outputs. The ArahWeave PE line of software is focused on non-industrial owners of electronic jacquard handlooms, and design studios without the need for driving the production machinery. They come without industrial CAM interfaces and output of technical calculations in HTML or XML.

ArahWeave product capabilities

ArahWeave PE: weave size limited to 2,048 ends x 2,048 picks

ArahWeave Super PE:  weave size limited to 4,096 ends x 4,096 picks

ArahWeave Jumbo PE: weave size limited to 8,192 ends x 8,192 picks

ArahWeave One Format: weave size limited to 65,000 picks and a single output format

Visit ArahWeave's website for videostutorials and software demo downloads.

Download option NOT available.

*Institutional and corporate pricing is higher. Please contact AVL for more information.*

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ArahWeave Super PE