48" Technical Dobby Loom, 24H, Compu-Dobby II (#1208A)

  • Made in 1990

  • 24 harnesses with metal heddles

  • Compu-Dobby II

  • Bottom Swing Beater with reed

  • 1-Yard sectional warp beam with hoops

  • Plain warp beam

  • Raddle

  • Track and mount system

  • Auto Advance

  • 1-Year AVL Warranty

Every reconitioned AVL loom undergoes a thorough inspection, cleaning and testing.  We replace any component that does not meet specification.  We strive to provide you with a pre-owned loom of which you can be proud.


Loom ships in 16-20 weeks.  This loom ships freight collect.  The carrier will schedule drop off and communicate price around the drop off day.  For alternate approach of pre-payment for shipping, contact your AVL sales representative.


Price if New: $14,000
Part Number

48" Technical Dobby Loom, 24H, Compu-Dobby II (#1208A)