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AVL Looms | Little Weaver Resources

Hello and Welcome to the Little Weaver Resources Page!

Here you will find links to Little Weaver resources, such as the manual and video tutorials:

Loom Manuals/Instructions

Little Weaver Loom Manual

Little Weaver - Warp Advance Handle Instructions

Little Weaver video tutorials on YouTube


Software Manuals/Instructions

AVLDrive, AVLUtilities and AVLAdmin v1.0 Software Manual

AVLDrive v2.0 Software Manual (for iPad)

AVL Drive2 FAQ (for iPad)

AVLDrive: Using Mac Mavericks with USB for Little Weaver

AVLDrive: Loom Configuration Tool Instructions

AVL Drive: Troubleshooting

AVL Software - WiFi Made Easy!

AVL Software - Configuring Your Router 

Little Weaver & Compu-Dobby USB Driver Fix for Mac OS El Capitan


Software Downloads

AVL Software Downloads

Drivers and Firmware Downloads

Loom Configuration Tool Download (executable file download)



Sample Patterns for Little Weaver - Courtesy of Jannie Taylor

(Zip file with .wif and WeavePoint files included for each pattern) Here you can search and download thousands of free patterns