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Home Loom with 48 inch Weaving Width 8 Harnesses, 10 Treadles, Polyester Heddles


The Home Loom is a traditional mid-castle floor loom with breast beams fore and aft.  A quick look and you might think it fairly typical of other looms in its class.  However, one unique feature that sets it far apart, side tie-up.  By moving the harness-treadle tie-up system to the side of the loom, it eliminates the back breaking work of crawling under a loom. A simple idea that has been executed so well, it makes the Home Loom a class leader.

Other special features include:

  • Flyshuttle option to increase productivity
  • Sectional warp beam for an improved warping experience
  • Second warp beam option for supplimental warps
  • Optional live weight system over the standard locking brake
  • Rising shed opening for the cleanest shed opening and easier shuttle throwing
  • Adjustable harness tension per harness for added control over warp float
  • Optional metal or polyester heddles

The Home Loom is the perfect loom for the weaver who is just starting out and looking for a loom that can expand with the weavers skills.

Standard features on all Home Looms include:

  • Folding rear legs for a small 28" storage depth
  • Thirty side tie-up cords
  • One Hundred heddles per harness
  • Standard beater 
  • Stainless steel reed (your choice of 6, 8, 10, or 12 dent)
  • Plain warp beam
  • Locking brake warp tension system
  • Illustrated instruction manual
  • Kiln-dried, nicely oiled hardwood construction for years of reliable weaving
  • Cloth storage aprons with two steel tie-on rods
  • AVL Two-Year Warranty
  • Factory-based, Lifetime Support for the original owner

This loom ships via FREIGHT COLLECT only. Shipping charges will be settled at the time of shipping.

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Home Loom with 48 inch Weaving Width 8 Harnesses, 10 Treadles, Polyester Heddles